Professional Interview Coaching from SLP

Let’s be honest, when it comes to having a formal interview everyone is a little apprehensive and anxious on how they will perform, even C-level executives with decades of experience.

Here at SLP, we pull on years of interviewing and selection prowess to outline the best way to prepare for an interview, what types of questioning you will face and the opportunity to have a practice first in the form of a mock interview, so you can refine your technique.

Navigating a panel, general or competency-based interview is a minefield, knowing what to ask and how to structure your responses is challenging, even an involuntary response, habit or your body language can create either a positive or negative impression, so you must get it right!

Two types of coaching offered:

Level 1: Interview Techniques – outlines the types of interviews (general, panel, competency-based etc.), how to effectively prepare, techniques to handle various types of questioning and pointers on what else to consider.

Price: £199 – Click here to enquire / book

Level 2: Mock Interview with verbal feedback: a 60-90 minute session conducted over Zoom or Skype tailored to specific target role (this can be supplied by the client), the first part is a mock interview and second part is verbal feedback on performance, areas for improvement and recommendations.

Prices start from *£299 per session – Click here to enquire / book

*Depending on level, experience and target role