What does our All Inclusive Executive Personal Branding package include?

  • Step 1 – Information Gathering
  • Step 2 – Areas for Consideration
  • Step 3 – Telephone, Skype or Zoom Consultation
  • Step 4 – Preparation of new ATS Compatible CV in Word / PDF, LinkedIn (also Word document) and a one-page Exec Bio
  • Step 5 – Amendments and Brand Finalisation

Cost: Prices start from *£499. Click here to obtain a tailored quote.

*Depending on level, experience and target role

Our Personal Branding Process

STEP 1 – Information Gathering

Providing as much background detail as possible is essential, this can take the form of an existing CV, job description, application form or personal statement.

If you do not have a CV, then an information gathering form will be provided to be completed/returned before our initial consultation.

STEP 2 – Areas for Consideration

We will indicate the areas you need to consider beforehand, these will include your USP, key strengths, value-added capabilities and accomplishments (driver, action and tangible outcomes level if possible), in addition to media or publication links.

STEP 3 – Consultation

A probing 60-minute telephone, Skype or Zoom call will be undertaken led by your consultant, this will extract all the pertinent information and also prepare the foundations for the new brand.

STEP 4 – Preparation of Branding Artefacts

Following the consultation, all the necessary brand elements such as a brand new CV, LinkedIn, Cover Letter or Exec Bio will be prepared (depending on selected package), these will be emailed across in Word / PDF format within 5-7 working days.

STEP 5 – Amendments/ Brand Finalisation

Amendments, comments or edits can be supplied via email initially and should any detailed questions or guidance be required a 20-minute review call can be arranged. Due to the thorough nature of our preparation and consultation process, it is normal practice for clients to either accept the first drafts as final or undertake one or two revision cycles maximum.