Professional CV Writing

Affordable and professional CV writing

When it comes to sitting down and writing your CV, do you struggle with knowing where to start? Do you find it hard writing about yourself in a positive light? Perhaps you need help with a cover letter? No matter your CV requirements, here at SLP CV Writing we can help you.

When it comes to sending off your CV to employers, first impressions mean everything. No employer wants to read a CV that is filled with useless information and spelling errors. Instead, a CV should be punchy, informative and engaging.

Here at SLP CV Writing, we know exactly what makes CV stand out from above the rest. We want to give you a fighting chance at gaining an interview, and thanks to our CV packages, you can decide how much input we have with your CV.

Our packages

We have broken down our CV packages into sectors for graduates, professionals and executives, and within those sectors you can choose the bronze, silver or gold package.

The bronze package consists of a Skype or phone consultation, a brand new CV and a copy sent to you in Word or PDF format. Our silver package includes all of this plus a cover letter, which is a fantastic way to grab your employer’s attention. For those that want the ultimate CV package, our gold package consists of all of the above plus a professional and fully written LinkedIn page.