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Does your CV emphasise your relevant skills? The job advert you are responding to will list the skills the recruiter is looking for. You must touch on those skills on your CV, and demonstrate how you have acquired them. You should also focus on your accomplishments. But the keyword is ‘relevant’. Make sure your CV is relevant to each role you apply for, and this will involve tweaking your CV.

Getting started with your CV is the hardest part. Not only do you need to decide on its content, but you will need to structure and format it correctly. For a young graduate fresh out of university, this can prove daunting. You may have already taken on jobs in the past, but penning a more professional CV is always going to be a little daunting. For some, it doesn’t get much easier after you’ve risen to executive or managerial level. A little help goes a long way. So why not make use of our CV writing services at SLP CV Writing?

Putting your CV together can also be time-consuming. We can provide the service you require. Our CV writing services include a selection of CV packages.

Look to SLP CV Writing for all your CV writing needs.