Executive CV Writing

Are you looking to achieve success at the highest level?

A well-formatted and well-crafted executive CV should focus on the specific job situation while answering the only question that matters to a prospective employer: what’s in it for me?

Your CV must immediately state why you are valuable; why you will be an asset to the employer. An executive CV will be read by top-level recruiters, CEOs, CFOs, board members. Will your CV send waves of approval through the room?

Just because you’re at an executive level it doesn’t mean you’re expected to master the art of executive CV writing. Of course, you’ll know your industry and you’ll know your trade, but many of us still find it difficult to pinpoint how to demonstrate our value to an employer for a job we haven’t yet done in a CV.

Need a little help?

At SLP CV Writing we offer executive CV writing services to those who need it. If you need help in how to write a great executive CV, we can help you craft something that will offer your potential employer what they need to make a ‘you’re hired’ decision.